Why work at /e/?

We are a fully remote, multicultural and international team. We enjoy working from home, from a nice café or by the sea. We have a common mission; we aim high, and we know it will take effort and time. If you are looking for a challenge… come join us!

What we offer

  • Fully remote position with flexible working hours.
  • Exciting challenge: to become the 3rd mobile OS.
  • Potential to impact a large and constantly growing user base.
  • Salaried position or freelancer.


  • Drive communication initiatives that contribute to increase awareness of /e/OS, leading to increased user growth and conversion to sales.
  • Support CEO and COO in defining, developing and executing communication strategies.


  • Lead development production of written, oral, visual and audiovisual assets based on brief and guidelines.
  • Helps defining a communication strategy (annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly) basis for the communication plan.
  • Participate in development of communication plan for social media accounts, blogs, project website and community forum and lead its roll out.
  • Maintain and develop external relations networks (bloggers, press, Vloggers, non-profit, etc.).
  • Supports planning for product launches and announcements.
  • Owns follow up with bloggers, press, Vloggers, non-profit around product launches and announcements.
  • Helps establishing the budget for communications operations; plan expenditures.
  • Assist management with planning and attendance at exhibitions or trade shows.
  • Evaluate the impact of communication actions and offer countermeasures if actions are not effective.
  • Negotiate with service providers and suppliers if needed.
  • Ensure a technological watch on communication tools and techniques that can help improve strategy and plan


  • Leads the community of translators.
  • Prepare posts for key communications.
  • Leads targeted web activities when other resources aren’t available.

  • Might include in the future: Leading a team and coordinating the activities of the different departments in order to achieve specific objectives.

Parameters for success

  • Goals:
    • Project awareness
    • User growth
    • User conversion and sales
  • KPIs
    • Social media followers, community forum members
    • Website visits
    • Number of publications
    • Translator engagement

Decision rights

  • Owns
    • Communication project management
    • Follow up and engagement with journalists and related
  • Influences
    • Communication strategy and plan



  • Personal leadership
  • Organisation
  • Project management
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Critical Thinking & analytical skills
  • Influencing
  • Driving for results
  • Collaboration
  • English and French mandatory
  • Ability to work remotely


  • Proven experience in communication (3 to 5 years ideally)
  • Extensive knowledge in Mobile or Consumer Electronics industry
  • International business experience a must
  • Experience in a startup preferred
  • BS in Marketing, Business or Communication

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