/e/OS code sources for this laptop :

Download the Build

Get the /e/OS build to flash on your Laptop here

Installation guide

On a Linux computer

Extract the .gz archive
Insert a MicroSD card with minimum 8 GB storage

In the konsole run the code

 sudo fdisk -l

this will display your SD card on the Konsole .

It would show up like

Tip: Please ensure you have selected the correct SD Card and not your Hard Disk as the next step will delete all data from it.
Warning: This search can also show your main hard disk so be very careful at this point to identify the SD card.

Now in the console type

sudo dd if=extacted-file-path of=/dev/sdX

where X will be the character that identifies your SD card and you got in the previous step

Insert the SDCard on your olimex laptop

Set the laptop to boot of the SDCard and reboot

Please note: In case you run into issue with the installation steps or find any step missing please let us know by sending a mail to helpdesk@murena.com and we will have the details added.