How to get /e/ on your device ?

Can't find your smartphone or laptop?

  • Check the upgrade builds list
  • If you did not find it there next check the Unofficial builds list
  • Still not found it then you can do a device proposal here after checking it was not proposed earlier.
  • Want to build your device yourself and become a device maintainer ? Send an email to , with a clear subject line (like: ROM Maintainer for device XYZ123).

  • The official builds are called 'dev' builds. They go out OTA or Over the air for supported devices
  • Upgrade builds are builds made on our build infrastructure and in the latest OS. Flash them and let us know your feedback
  • Unofficial builds are made by users on the forum. Use at your own risk
  • Custom builds are made by users and may have modifications made by the builder. Use at your own risk
Vendor Name Codename OS Version RAM Year
cpu_freq storage
Olimex Olimex teres (beta) olimex Nougat 2GiB DDR3L @ 672 MHz 2017-10 1.2 GHz µSD, NAND
Pinebook Pinebook (beta) pinebook Nougat 2GB LPDDR3 RAM NA 1.2 gHz NA

Laptops supported: 2