All /e/ projects welcome contributors! Look for your preferred project and register for user on this website to contribute!

Open Positions at /e/

Those are full time remote positions:

  • [PHP] we are looking for PHP developer with experience, to work on various online services components, improve them, add some features, debug… Passionate, hacker in mind, happy to work as part of a multi-cultural team, for a great project like /e/!
  • [JAVA] we are looking for a java developer for low-level development linked to Android and API reverse engineering. Hacker in mind, loves to solve complex cases.
  • [DEVOPS] We are looking for an infrastructure engineer who will be able to help us integrate and deploy a scalable architecture for hosting our email, drive, calendar, … /e/ services on the top of existing software solutions. Some experience in this field is required, and must have knowledge in state of the art security practices.

How to apply?

Please send an email to with a resume.

Specific projects looking for contributors

We have several projects that need contributors:

  • Help fixing issues! Reporting issues is great for /e/, fixing them deserves our eternal recognition. Want to pick an issue and work on it?

  • ROM developer/maintainer for Qualcomm (Snapdragon) and Mediatek chipsets: we want to provide support for newest devices available on the market. If you are interested in working on this, please contact us.

  • OpenCamera: some issues have been detected on some devices, probably related to some hardware drivers/firmware. For instance, OpenCamera is randomly crashing on LeEco Le2 and probably other devices, depending on some settings. Also, we’d like to have the best ever open-source camera application in term of usability and picture result. If interested in this project please contact us, and we will start a fork (+ contribute upstream). contact us!

  • /e/ TWRP: we’d like to have a customized version of TWRP to make the system update UX smoother. C/Android programmer here! You can contribute to and/or test what has been started here. Contact us

  • Personal assistant: this is going to be a key project for /e/: we need a personal assistant that respects your privacy. The project has not really been started but we have some ideas and a general roadmap. We need ASR specialists, conversational models specialists, AI specialists (deep learning/neural networks). If interested in joining, please contact us about it.

/e/OS is using, modifying, integrating a lot of different open source software components, including those ones that are key for /e/OS:

  • LineageOS: /e/OS is forking LineageOS for different needs, different users. Therefore, better hardware support for LineageOS means a better hardware support for /e/OS. Contribute to LineageOS!

  • Exodus Privacy: Exodus Privacy is a non-profit organization that creates software tools to inform people about privacy issues in Android applications, such as abusive permissions & trackers. They welcome software development and financial contributions!

  • Help the microG project! microG is helping us to get rid of the Google services. It needs good developers to help and accelerate the development and fix issues. Looking for a first developer challenge with microG? Help fixing this issue! Join the microG project on GitHub.

  • NextCloud: several /e/OS online services heavily rely on NextCloud (a fork of OwnCloud), like cloud storage, online calendar, notes etc. Contribute to NextCloud!

  • Searx: searx is a great open source meta-search engine that we are forking to make our default search engine ( Contribute to Searx!

Is it paid?

Projects here are open source projects and we know that many people really appreciate voluntary contributions to open source projects, for the benefit of all.

However, if you think, as a specialist, that the project will require a huge amount of work and that you are ready to make it within a limited timeframe, we can consider a bounty or a paid-project. Please contact us.

How to contact us?

Please send an email to, with a clear subject line (like: ROM Developer Mediatek).

Tell us why you are interested in participating, how your skills are related to this project, and any other useful information.