Volunteer as a tester (work remotely):

  • Do you like to flash ROM’s and install applications on your android phone? Would you like to be a part of the team of volunteers who would test out the /e/ ROM of your device? Fancy yourself as a beta tester for applications developed and released by /e/? Then look no further send in a mail with the details as asked for below

How to apply?

Please send an email to testing@e.email with the below details

  • /e/ email ID :
  • Telegram ID :
  • Device name :
  • Tester Name : (optional)

Why do we want these details?

  • /e/ email ID : To add your name to an email distribution list for testers. If you do not have an /e/ email ID that is ok, send across an email ID which you access

  • Telegram ID : To add your name to our testing channel. This has to be in the format @name. Phone numbers do not work while adding to the channel!

    • Device name : The name of the device you want to test for. It should be on our supported list. Unofficial builds will not come under the scope of our testing cycle.

    • Tester Name : Optional. Your name if you want to share it.