What to do when you encounter an issue in /e/OS?

Connect to our GitLab server

Go to our issue dashboard

  • /e/OS issues are listed and created here

  • Before creating a new issue, please search if it has previously been reported. To check for this

  • Type the bug in the search text box on the top of the screen as shown below

New Search

  • The screen will also display some other similar worded issues

  • If this search does not return any results create a new issue

Create a new issue

  • Select a template for the issue from the drop down marked ‘Choose a template’
  • ‘Apply template’
  • Add a Title
  • Fill in all the details as requested in the template
  • Always add logs where possible. This helps the developers debug the issue better.
  • Once you have finished, click Submit issue.

Getting an error message in new ID creation on /e/OS Gitlab?

  • Some users may get an error message, while attempting to create a new ID on the /e/OS Gitlab
  • The error message may ask you to contact Murena at helpdesk@murena.com.
  • In case you run into such an error, please send a mail with the following details
    • Full Name:
    • Desired username:
    • Email:
  • Create a Helpdesk ticket for GitLab account creation

  • Let us explain the reason behind this error. Some time back we had an issue with a large number of dummy IDs swamping our servers. As a preventive measure we now allow registrations from a limited number of email domains. Users wanting to register with their private email address or say their Gmail address, can send a request to helpdesk@murena.com and the team will create an account for them.

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