/e/OS code sources for this laptop :

Download the Build

Get the /e/OS build to flash on your Laptop here

Installation guide

On a Linux computer

Extract the .gz archive
Insert a MicroSD card with minimum 8 GB storage

In the konsole run the code

 sudo fdisk -l

this will display your SD card on the Konsole .

It would show up like

Tip: Please ensure you have selected the correct SD Card and not your Hard Disk as the next step will delete all data from it.
Warning: This search can also show your main hard disk so be very careful at this point to identify the SD card.

Now in the console type

sudo dd if=extacted-file-path of=/dev/sdX

where X will be the character that identifies your SD card and you got in the previous step

Open the SD card in a FileManager

There would be multiple partitions

Go to the BOOT partition

modify the uEnv.txt file

Change the variable “pinebook_lcd_mode” to match your device

could be batch1, batch2 or 1080p

Depending on your LCD settings.

Tip: In case the laptop does not boot then try a different setting

Please note: In case you run into issue with the installation steps or find any step missing please let us know by sending a mail to helpdesk@murena.com and we will have the details added.