Installation steps for linux

via the command line

Depending of your configuration, you may need to prefix the commands with sudo

  • Open a console and type the below command to install the Easy Installer snap app

      snap install easy-installer --channel=latest/beta

Installing the easy way !!

Here we use the Ubuntu Software application

  • Open the Ubuntu Software application. It should open a screen like this

  • Go to the ‘Explore’ tab or click on the search icon
  • Type in ‘easy-installer’ . This should fetch the /e/OS easy installer as shown below

  • Click on the ‘install’ button to start the installation process -
  • Depending on your configuration you may be asked to provide the admin user password to complete the installation
  • Once the installation is complete you will see this screen

  • Click on the Permissions button to view the permission needed for the easy-installer to run

Want to learn more about these Permission ?

adb support: allows the application to use ADB to communicate with device

gsettings: : provides access to user gsettings to create the screen for the installer

network: : Required to get access to internet for e.g. to download source or TWRP image

access USB hardware: : is required to allow tools like Heimdall to work with the smartphone

Please note all these permissions are required for the easy-installer to work and need to be enabled

  • After the installation is complete a new icon should be available on your Computer as shown in the screenshot above

  • Click on it to open and try out our Easy Installer !!

Reference guide to install on multiple OS with snap

To install the EasyInstaller on different Operating Systems using snap please refer this guide