Installation steps for MacOS


  1. To download the EasyInstaller beta for MacOS click here.

  2. Save it to a folder on your Hard Drive.

  3. Verify the sha256sum.


  1. Double click to open.

  2. Drag & drop the Icon on your desktop.

  3. Move the icon you have just dropped on the desktop into the applications folder. A double click on the icon should open the EasyInstaller application.

Now enjoy the EasyInstaller on macOS! Kindly report any issues with the EasyInstaller here.


If you get an Install Rosetta pop up

  1. You will get a warning pop up.

  2. Click on Open System Preferences

  3. Enter your credentials

  4. Look for Java under Privacy tab and tick the checkbox beside to it

  5. Restart the Easy-installer

If you get an “EasyInstaller cannot be opened” message

  1. Open Security and privacy preferences.

  2. Click on Open anyway

  3. Restart the EasyInstaller