Purpose of this guide

This guide will explain how you can add a Gmail or Google account to your /e/OS smartphone.


  • You can directly access your Gmails from the Mail app.
  • You can access your Google Contact from the Contacts app


  • Please be aware that by granting Google access to your /e/OS Smartphone you are opening up the device to Google.


  • Enable or add Google accounts only if you absolutely need them on your device

Add a Google Account to your smartphone

  1. Click on Settings icon on the main screen.

  2. Browse to Accounts in the Settings screen

  3. In the Accounts screen all the accounts you have already created will be displayed. Select Add Account
  4. This will open the Add an Account screen as shown in the second screen shot. Select Google

  5. This will open up a pop-up warning as shown below. The pop-up text mentions that the device will report a fake device name to Google. This is to protect your privacy.You can check the name of the device that will be reported to Google on the Google website under Device Activity. It will be different from the actual name of your phone. Select OK

  6. This will open up the screen to log in to your Google Account as shown below. Add your Google ID credentials. Click Next

  7. Enter your Google ID password in this screen. Click Next

  8. At this stage if you have enable 2-step verification on your Google ID you will need to complete it. A notification is sent to one of your devices where it will ask you to verify if you are adding the account. Tap Yes on that device. Please note unless you tap Yes this screen will not go ahead.

  9. Once you have verified your account, in the next screen Google will want access to your account. Click Allow only if you want Google to have access to these options. You can stop at this point if you are not comfortable giving access. In that case, the account will not be added to your phone.

  10. If in the previous step you have granted access,the account manager will now take a few seconds to save and add the new account.

  11. Once the Google account has been added to your phone it will open up the Browser with Google in the Search bar.

  12. To verify that you have added the Gmail / Google account to your phone. Browse to the Settings » Accounts screen. Here you would see a new addition in the list. It will now display your Google Account ID.

    Remove the Google Account

You can always remove the Google Account that you have added to your /e/OS Smartphone

  • Click on Settings
  • Browse to Accounts
  • In the Accounts screen select the Google Account you want to delete
  • This will open a screen like shown below

  • Here click on the Remove Account button to delete the Google account you have added. You can always add the account back at a later stage.