Warning: This page is a work in progress. We are adding more details with time.

/e/OS is intended to be a privacy-focused system, so we strive to be as transparent as possible about any outbound, inbound connections made by /e/OS to first-party, third-party domains and servers. First-party domains and servers adhere to our policy’s privacy guidelines, but Third-party domains and servers may keep logs and may not be as private as ours. You can check their privacy policies on their respective websites.

First-party connections:

  1. An outbound connection to gitlab.e.foundation is used to fetch domain filter lists for Advanced Privacy.

Third-party connections:

  1. Some Google domains when microG is enabled.
  2. An outbound connection to ‘gitlab.com’ is being looked into.
  3. Outbound connections to SUBDOMAIN.mediatek.com are used to download Extended Prediction Orbit and Quarter Extended Prediction Orbit along with respective md5sum checksum files for GPS on Mediatek devices. ‘SUBDOMAIN’ part varies depending on your OS version.