eDrive is a system app that synchronizes user data to Murena cloud or a self-hosted cloud. You have complete control over which directories are synchronized to the cloud, but by default, eDrive syncs the following from device to cloud:

Device location Cloud location Category
/storage/emulated/0/DCIM /Photos Images
/storage/emulated/0/Pictures /Pictures Images
/storage/emulated/0/Movies /Movies Movies
/storage/emulated/0/Music /Music Music
/storage/emulated/0/Ringtones /Ringtones Ringtones
/storage/emulated/0/Documents /Documents Documents
/storage/emulated/0/Podcasts /Podcasts Podcasts
/data/system/users/0/ /Devices/<id>/rom_settings/ Rom settings
/data/data/foundation.e.drive/files/ /Devices/<id>/rom_settings/app_list/ Rom settings

Customize eDrive synchronization settings

To choose the directories to be synchronized to the cloud, navigate to System settings > Passwords & Accounts > Select your Murena.io account > Account sync. You can toggle synchronization settings for the following categories:

  • Application settings toggle will affect synchronization for device settings.
  • Pictures and videos toggle will affect synchronization for Images, Movies, Music, Ringtones, Documents and Podcasts directories.

In here, you can also enable/disable “Allow files sync on metered network”. If this option is disabled, eDrive will not synchronize files over a metered network, such as mobile data.