Steps to Install adb on your PC

Tip: Windows OS users click here
Caution: The default adb installation on OS like Ubuntu can be outdated and can cause errors. We would recommend that linux distribution users ensure they use the installation process given here
  1. Download latest version of the Platform Tools specific to your Operating system from the android site

  2. Extract the archive somewhere you can remember

  3. Run the below command in a console

    For adb


    …to the adb in the above path add the commands you want to execute for e.g. adb devices

    For fastboot


    …to the fastboot in the above path add commands you want to execute for e.g fastboot devices

Add the path to you PC configuration

To avoid having to type the above commands every time you can add the location of the folder where you save the extracted platform tool file to you system configuration

On Ubuntu systems

Type the below command to you .bashrc file

You will be able to see the .bashrc file which are hidden files by pressing on your keyboard ctrl and h keys

export PATH="$HOME/platform-tools:$PATH"

here we have assumed you have saved the downloaded files to a folder named platform-tools and this is in your home directory

After this you should be able to access adb and fastboot by typing only the below commands in a console

adb devices


fastboot devices