Caution: Please ensure you have read all the sections and understand the limitations of GSI before proceeding with an installation. Read and understand all about GSI
Warning: Make sure you can rollback to stock firmware in case /e/OS doesn’t work at all

Installing fastboot

On Windows

Tip: Ensure you install your device drivers on Windows PC before proceeding.

On Windows you will also need to find you device adb drivers

Sometimes, this adb clockworkmod driver is enough

To install fastboot on your Windows PC follow this guide

On Ubuntu / debian based linux

If you do not have fastboot installed on your linux device follow this guide

Find your phone architecture

An easy way to do this is to install treble info

You will find the treble info app in the /e/OS default Apps Store as shown in the screenshot below

This is to verify that the

  • Phone is Project Treble compatible
  • Check the CPU architecture it should show
    • arm or
    • arm 64
  • If the device is “System as root” then a A/B build will be necessary

So, please note the following information:

  • name of the required system image (for example system-arm64-ab.img.xz)
  • Under Dynamic Partition, check if you need fastbootd

Remove dm verity

  • This can be done on some devices using twrp
  • A slightly more complicated method is by extracting the kernel and reflashing it with the below command
fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification boot boot.img

Flash the system image

Once you know which system image you need, download it

if fastbootd is required, start with

fastboot reboot fastboot

then, in every cases, extract system.img and flash it with this command line

fastboot flash system system.img

Erase userdata

fastboot -w

Optional steps

  • install a custom recovery