What is the /e/OS easy-installer?

  • The Easy Installer is a Java desktop application which helps users install /e/ on supported devices.

  • In its current version the tool is a GUI which works on the Linux OS

  • The easy-installer beta version supports 5 Samsung devices
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 – Exynos only
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 – Exynos only
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Exynos only
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 – Exynos only
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Exynos only

Why are more devices and OS not supported?

The /e/ team cannot support all the work needed to add more devices or other operating systems. That’s why we ask the community to help us on:

  • Porting the Easy Installer on Windows and MacOS
    • the java software should run without big issues
    • but script need to be ported
  • Support new devices
    • with its architecture based configuration files, it is easy to add new devices
    • we share details on how you can add more devices in this document

How can I install the /e/OS easy-installer?

Here we cover installing the beta version for Linux only

Installing via the command line

Depending of your configuration, you may need to prefix the commands with sudo

  • Open a console and type the below command to install the Easy Installer snap app

      snap install easy-installer --channel=latest/beta

Installing the easy way !!

Here we use the Ubuntu Software application

  • Open the Ubuntu Software application. It should open a screen like this

  • Go to the ‘Explore’ tab or click on the search icon
  • Type in ‘easy-installer’ . This should fetch the /e/OS easy installer as shown below

  • Click on the ‘install’ button to start the installation process -
  • Depending on your configuration you may be asked to provide the admin user password to complete the installation
  • Once the installation is complete you will see this screen

  • Click on the Permissions button to view the permission needed for the easy-installer to run

Want to learn more about these Permission ?

adb support: allows the application to use `ADB` to communicate with device

gsettings: provides access to user gsettings to create the screen for the installer

network: Required to get access to internet for e.g. to download source or TWRP image

access USB hardware: is required to allow tools like Heimdall to work with the smartphone

Please note all these permissions are required for the easy-installer to work and need to be enabled

  • After the installation is complete a new icon should be available on your Computer as shown in the screenshot above

  • Click on it to open and try out our Easy Installer !!

I want to develop the source further. How can I help?

To build or improve upon the easy-installer code check the documentation here…

Send us your feedback & Contribute!

Please send us your feeback on the /e/OS Easy Installer by taking part in a survey . Please note this is an anonymous survey and no participant data will be collected.

Your feedback gives us an opportunity to improve the tool.

To discuss about the easy-installer project or get help on it come to our Community Forum.

Thank you in advance!